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Free Crochet Pattern
By: Yenny Gunawan

Material : Cotton Yarn no 10
Crochet Hook: 4/0

Size : 8 x 14 cm


Chain 36
R1:  dc in the 5th ch from hook, dc in each st, turn

R2:  ch3, dc in next dc, dc in each st, turn

R3-R21:  repeat R2

R22:  ch4, * (dc in the next 3 st, retaining last loop on hook after each dc (4 loops in hook) yo, draw through all loops on hook,- one cluster made - ch2), repeat from * for another 4 cluster, after the last cluster, ch1 instead of 2, dc on the last st, turn

R23:  ch1, sc in the same st, * [(in the next ch-2 sp: (dc, 3-ch picot) 4 times, dc), sc in the next ch-2 sp] repeat from * 4 times, fasten off

Fold the square to start edging at the top and bottom. First row of edging is started with the front part facing you.


R1:  slip stitch at the corner, ch, sc along the edge, turn
R2:  ch1, sc in the same st, ch3, *[(sc in the next st )2 times, ch3] repeat from * across, fasten off


Pattern Copyright  2007 by CraftAndMe
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